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Justin Ehrecke's testimonial from his experience at the We Wanna Win mastermind.  

Here's what Rise Up Consulting clients have to say: 

"We decided hire Rebecca to work with our sales leadership team to help the team make a jump in production and growth.  Because of this program, we have put more things in place to help with accountability.  I think our sales leadership team has made incredible jumps over the last several months." Todd Gladson, owner Leading Edge Fundraising. 


"Rebecca has helped me take a helicopter view of my business.  She's helped me dial in on my and my team's numbers.  I'm not intimidated by them anymore.  On the emotional and rational side of things, I feel like I've gone from a 2 to a 10.  Leaderboard to Leadership™ has also helped me put policies and procedures together.  I'm more consistent with our training, and am confident to speak and train in front of any group." Nichole Reick. (Up 75% in personal sales and up 84% in team sales.

"The Leaderboard to Leadership™ course pertains to becoming a better leader.  It's brought me to be a better coach and understand my team members better.  Doing this course with my sales manager helps him coach me better and I'm able to communicate what I need from him.  It's hard to evaluate by yourself when you're so busy building a team.  I learn as I talk to Rebecca and it helps me process things better." Jake Wunder (Up 75% in personal sales and up 121% in team sales.)





















"Before coaching with Rebecca, I was pretty much on auto-pilot.  We were coasting downhill.  Throughout coaching, I've decided to change things.  I like that I can talk things through with Rebecca and she offers a different perspective.  The feedback of coaching is huge - we don't always see our blind spots.  The depth of our conversation is huge. Rebecca has been a great guide to dive deep to places I wouldn't have gone alone." Aaron Stolp Team went from $293,000 in sales to $500,000 in one quarter.


"Rebecca delivered a fantastic virtual presentation to our WeMN group on how to use the concept of servant selling to double your sales. Not only did Rebecca present her content in an engaging, interactive way, but she offered a valuable perspective on how to shift your mindset to increase sales. The group feedback was extremely positive, and I would highly recommend Rebecca to any organization who is seeking a speaker with an expertise in sales." Anita Nelson, President Women Entrepreneurs of Minnesota

"When looking for a coach, I wanted someone who would be tailored to me and my business. Someone who would give me expert, proven, actionable advice, and also talk me through what's going on in my head. Rebecca has gone above and beyond as my coach. She comes with years of experience in sales and leadership, she is God-centered, a great mom and wife (okay I can't say that from first hand experience, but I know it's true!), and a very giving person. Through my coaching with her, I've been able to take advantage of masterminds, courses, her book (!), and her love - even when it's tough. I wanted to have this type of person in my life and corner and I am so thankful that she chose to share her gifts as a coach. I highly recommend Rebecca to anyone looking to grow their business and themselves." Heather Williams, People Operations Business Partner at Lovepop

"Rebecca give solid solutions from her own success in sales leadership.  She brings another set of eyes to the table.  As a leader, I want more of what I can do better.  It's also helpful to have an unbiased third party to talk things through with." Amanda Arndt (Up 900% in team sales.)

"In the 10 week course, I've gotten 2 out of 3 of my existing team members to increase their production, and I have 3-4 possible recruits as well.  If an opportunity to take a course like this was brought up to you then you need to make the move on making changes for your own good and growth."  Levi Duca








"I have been working with Rebecca one-on-one for 2 years refining my sales craft. I am incredibly grateful that I get to work with this powerhouse of a woman.  Rebecca is a mother of two, sales coach and is writing her first book. She has helped me to focus on the controllable, manifest a positive attitude and inspire me to grow personally/professionally. If you want to be inspired have great conversation or connect to a high caliber sales mentor connect with her!" Betsy Gottsacker, Optum360

"I have been working with Rebecca for over the course of 2 years.  In those 2 years she has been an extremely integral part of the success of my business.  She is not only knowledgeable on the important factors to help your business/career succeed but guides you on the "what not to do's" that cripple or paralyze your hard work.  Rebecca is not afraid to get you to step out of your comfort zone and push you to dig deeper and achieve them." Andrea Coppin

"After finishing the Back to Basics Business Course with Rebecca it is no coincidence that I also achieved my best month ever in my MLM business!  In addition to my increased income, I learned valuable tools that will carry the momentum I've gained into the new year...." Amber Schmidt

"Rebecca brings a unique blend of knowledge, experience, and perspective to her coaching clients.  She is professional, smart, and fun!  She has been so helpful in providing resources, offering guidance and giving feedback during my first few months of working with her."  Michelle Tronerud. Owner, Cycle Accounting 

"Rebecca is a gem!  She's smart, fun, and so easy to talk to!  Her coaching skills are incredibly helpful and she has a great way of being able to break down the steps you need to take to achieve your goals.   I have already seen results since I've implemented her advice with my social media.  I can't wait to follow through with everything she has taught me!" Angela Thomas