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Sales isn't complicated; people's feelings towards sales is complicated.  Rebecca breaks down the habits, skills, and mindset needed to transform your sales process AND help sales managers be more effective.  More confidence and knowledge equals more revenue. 

One On One Sales, Sales Management, and Performance Coaching 

Bi-weekly sessions.  Group rates available for sales teams!

It's time to get more productive, efficient, and gain an unfair competitive advantage. 

If you want to make more sales and grow team sales, you must skill up and work smart.  Get more done in less time by working around your most energetic time of day, spend your time doing activities that matter with increased skill sets, and live your life! 


Book a free consultation and let's get started.

Spots are limited for this in-depth coaching that has produced transformations with business owners, sales people, and sales leaders.  

Book a complimentary session with Rebecca today to see what her clients rave about!

Invite-only mastermind

We Wanna Win Mastermind

Next Session: Spring 2021


The past We Wanna Win Masterminds in Minneapolis and Denver were so popular and successful so we are making it a yearly tradition!  

High performing people need to be around other top-performers.  And taking two days to stop the busyness and invest in your personal and business development around other like-minded people is invaluable. 

This is almost about who isn't in the room as to who IS.  C-suite executives to top sales people are all welcome.  It's an independent mastermind for anyone who sold books.  

Stay tuned for future events in 2021, and check out the website for all the details!

Group Coaching

Rise Up Consulting offers different customized, online and in-person courses throughout the year.  Rebecca offers courses around:

-Running your business more effectively and having more sales success through servant selling.

- Sales leadership development.  Making the pivot from top sales performer to top team leader isn't as simple as people may think.

- Beyond the Board Workshop.  Based off of Rebecca's best-selling book, she guides you and your (sales) team through gaining clarity around the metrics that matter.  Save months of doing the wrong activities, and get production up!  

If you would like Rebecca to do an online or in-person training for your sales or executive team, inquire today.  

Pipeline to Prosperity 

The success of your business isn't the size of your bank account or follower count, it's the size of your pipeline.  Join Jen Fieldman and I for an online, four-week workshop.  

Stop being paralyzed because you don't know what to say or how to say it, and don't say anything to avoid looking silly.  Sales and marketing are more intertwined than ever, and those who can create relationships BEFORE sales presentations will rise to the top. 

Start being smart with your marketing AND sales plan and be ready for any challenge that comes your way.  Economy, ups and downs of your business, etc; you'll be okay if you know how to sell and stand out from the crowd if you know how to market. 

Registration for fall session opening soon!

Contact me today to inquire how you can become more focused and productive.  Those who figure out a way will always see success.

Maple Grove, MN


Tel: 612-401-3190

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