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Proven individual and group coaching for emerging and experienced sales leaders.  

Take your career advancement into your own hands by leveling up today!

Leaderboard to Leadership™  Programs

One On One Sales Management Coaching for Aspiring, New, and Emerging Leaders



Group Coaching for Aspiring, New, and Emerging Sales Leaders

Getting that promotion into sales leadership and then continuing the growth trajectory catches tons of top performers off guard. 


And it might make you overwhelmed. 


Most of my clients are sales people and sales leaders with some success already under their belt.  They are motivated to keep growing, but stuck on how to best do that.  They are over-worked, overwhelmed, and close to burnout.  They know they don’t know everything, but are confident they can with some guidance. 

80% of people’s success as sales people are their technical selling skills.  80% of their success as sales leaders is about the mental and emotional side.  Less relying on talent, and more focus on systems, consistency, and getting things done through others.

They come to me to make the process smoother, faster, and more fun. 


To do the things that matter, with the people that matter, in a way that matters, for the reasons that matter. 

I want you to imagine:

  • Getting off the linear growth train and on the exponential growth rocket because you are skilled up, working with the right people, managing your time and energy, and empowered. 

  • Loving what you do while you do it.  Hustle should be something you enjoy, without the GRIND. 

  • Feeling empowered and confident.

  • Being the person your team deserves as a leader because you are doing the personal and business development that makes it happen. 

  • Getting MORE done because you slow down and figuring out some clarity. 

  • Setting boundaries around work and empowering your team to get it done instead of you doing it all.

I get it – I’ve built multi-million dollar producing sales teams.  Feeling like I always had to answer the phone late at night, obsessing over the quarterly goals while forgetting the big picture.  I’ve put in those 80- hour work weeks while letting my health, relationships, and priorities slide. 


My clients are focused on winning.  They just aren’t sure how to do it when they are working as hard as they can.  I help them work smarter and get there faster by slowing down, changing their mindset and focus, and execute.

Here’s How it Works: 

Leaderboard to Leadership™ is broken down into Two Options:

Group Coaching 

You can choose between my three cohorts of group coaching that are offered throughout the year (Winter, Spring, and Fall). 

Proven group coaching experience for aspiring, emerging, and experienced sales leaders looking for the confidence, competence, and courage to achieve their goals.


During our time together, we assess your sales leadership goals, analyze where you are in the main success indicators for sales leaders, and ultimately give you the tools to be the type of sales leader that becomes respected, trusted, and indispensable. 


Clients who have taken this group coaching not only see growth in their team numbers, but become better people in the process. 

To learn more about the application process and why you won't want to miss out, click on the link below!

One-on-one, Personalized Coaching

One-on-one coaching includes everything the group coaching does, but customized to you.  This coaching is limited to 10 people at a time, so I often have a waitlist. My clients have seen 2 – 3X sales production increases with this coaching within 6 months of working with them.

1.  If you want to learn more about my 1-on-1 coaching, schedule a discovery call today.  We will discuss your sales leadership goals and what you want to achieve through my coaching.  This will ensure I have the full picture of your current business so we can execute on a comprehensive plan that will address your specific needs.

2.  Next, we’ll create a strategic plan of action for running your business effectively and efficiently. This plan is tailored to your needs and rooted in best practices for making the leap from the Leaderboard to Leadership™ in the areas of mindset, skill set, and leadership habits.

3.  Once the plan is created, I will work with you bi-weekly to ensure the plan is being implemented and we quickly address any roadblocks or challenges that arise. You will also be plugged into my accountability software with my individual coaching, and our private Facebook group for the group coaching cohort. Group coaching will be for 3 months virtually.

We Wanna Win Mastermind

Next Session: 2021


If you didn't sell door-to-door, just skip this part....


The past We Wanna Win Masterminds in Minneapolis and Denver were so popular and successful so we are making it a yearly tradition!  

High performing people need to be around other top-performers.  And taking two days to stop the busyness and invest in your personal and business development around other like-minded people is invaluable. 

This is almost about who isn't in the room as to who IS.  C-suite executives to top sales people are all welcome.  It's an independent mastermind for anyone who sold books.  

Stay tuned for future events in 2021, and check out the website for all the details!

Contact me today to inquire how you can become the sales manager your team deserves.

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