Great Sales Leadership Teams Are A Competitive Advantage

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The Learning Curve for New Sales Leaders is Expensive, Frustrating, and Long 

New sales leaders want to be successful.  But there is a lack of consistent leadership training specific to new sales leaders. According to a recent survey we conducted with over 150 participants: 

84% of sales leaders think first-time leaders should have a formalized training program. 

-  Only 44% received a formalized training. 

-  After the first leadership promotion, 80% of sales leaders said they learned as they went. 

-  If there was more sales leadership training, respondents said it would decrease mistakes. 

-   The top 3 struggles for new leaders are: Time Management, Feedback, and Accountability

This is why we created our sales leadership development programs.  

Our clients are focused on winning.  At every level of sales leadership.  They just aren’t sure how to do it when they are working as hard as they can.  We accelerate their learning curve and their success as a sales leader and improve sales leadership pipelines for organizations.   Get important wins, create momentum for their sales teams, and continue on their career progress. 

Here’s How it Works: 

Our programs are broken down into Three Options:

"I would not hesitate to do this.  Did we know some of the material?  Some, yes.  Some, no.  What it really did was force us to dedicate time each week to build systems.  This was not just a teaching moment for us as a company.  It forced action.  We came up with systems.  It put all of us as a management team on the same page.  We grew closer together through this.  It also put us in a mindset to plan accordingly for the future.  We plan on taking this training again with some new sales leaders and are recommending it to other's."

Scott McMaster, CEO Leading Edge