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Sales leadership pipelines are the secret sauce to sustainable top-performing sales teams.


According to Gallup, "companies need to devote more attention to promoting and developing good managers, and then start letting the world know they have these good managers."  


Having great leaders is a competitive advantage, and a benefit that outweighs all others.   

Wouldn't it be great if all your organization's sales leaders were on the same page and were equipped with specific sales leadership skills that lowered turnover and increased revenue?


We work with sales organizations to stream-line consistent emerging sales leadership training.  This program creates a roadmap to success for new sales leaders.  You can feel confident knowing that all your emerging sales leaders are equipped with leadership skills that create a winning culture.   


Each corporate program is tailored to what your sales organization really needs. 

These specialized trainings have been proven to energize, motivate, and move sales teams to increase their sales numbers by 50%, 75%, 120% and even 700% (actual Leaderboard to Leadership™ participants results.)

"We decided hire Rebecca to work with our sales leadership team to help the team make a jump in production and growth.  Because of this program, we have put more things in place to help with accountability.  I think our sales leadership team has made incredible jumps over the last several months." Todd Gladson, owner Leading Edge Fundraising.