Masterclass For New Sales Leaders
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Every new role comes with new rules.

What got you the sales leadership promotion or new job isn't what will make you successful at the new one. 

You have a few short months in a new sales leadership role to earn wins that create the foundation not just of your current role, but your future career projection.

What should you let go of, and what should you keep implementing?

What ARE the new rules in the new role?

Where is the handbook for new sales leaders?! 

It's right here. 

Join Rebecca on September 16th at 12:00 CST for a 90- minute masterclass for new sales leaders.


What you will gain:

- How to master the transition from sales to sales leadership, and the transition to a new sales leadership role. 

- What you will have to let go of as you step into something new. 

- Foundational concepts every successful sales leader needs to know to build a solid sales team.

- Expectations for you and your team.

- 13 week action plan to win early and often in your new sales leadership role. 

- Sales leadership skills that retain and attract top talent.  

It's a plethora of information, and we only have 90 minutes to cover it.  Handouts will be included with your registration.  

Who should attend:

- Top performing sales people who have a passion to get into sales leadership.

- New sales leaders who are also managing a book of business - the player/coach role.

- Sales leaders less than 6 months in their current leadership role. 

- Executives in charge of leadership development at their organization