Linkedin for sales professionals and recruiters in the growth stage 

What if your perfect prospects would just show up in your email?  How much time would you save if you could weed through job candidates and search for the type of people that excel in your organization?  How would it feel to develop trust with your network that when it came time to send messages, people actually responded to you?  

All of that is possible by utilizing the free version of LinkedIn.  IF you are consistent and build a reputation of adding value.  I've created a quick training video that teaches 3 topics:

1. How to create a LinkedIn profile that stands out (and helps people find you).

2. How to create consistent content that builds your know, like, and trust factor.

3. How to network and find the specific people you can help. 

And you'll get it right in your in-box to keep and reference back to!  Sign up and you'll even find out how you can get a free coaching session from me to help guide you through the specifics you'll need with your particular business. But it's only FREE for a limited time, so get it before it's gone!

Contact me today to inquire how you can become the sales manager your team deserves.

Maple Grove, MN


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