Leaderboard to Leadership Group Coaching – Exclusively for Leaders in Sales!

Online group coaching starts September 9th!
Limited to 12 Sales Leaders!

This Might Be For You If....


✔ You are a top sales performer looking to make the transition into sales leadership

✔ You are in your first 5 years of leadership, and don’t want to miss out on key fundamentals

✔ You find yourself training other sales people and being given more leadership roles

✔ You want a review – maybe you’ve been leading teams for years and want to get back to the basics.  Or you're on a plateau and want your team producing like they should be

✔ You believe that by you constantly improving, it makes your team want to do the same

✔ You don’t want to be the leader who shoots from the hip, relying on talent instead of trust, consistency, and systems

✔ You could use some outside perspective and get other emerging sales leaders’ ideas to run your business more effectively

✔ You are looking for more confidence as you take on new sales leadership roles

✔ You know your team deserves a great leader.  This isn’t just about your next promotion, it’s about having the right mindset and skills that your sales team deserves

Join our online group coaching that begins September 9th!

Here is what people have to say about working with Rebecca:

"I have been working with Rebecca one-on-one for 2 years refining my sales craft. I am incredibly grateful that I get to work with this powerhouse of a woman.  Rebecca is a mother of two, sales coach and is writing her first book. She has helped me to focus on the controllable, manifest a positive attitude and inspire me to grow personally/professionally. If you want to be inspired have great conversation or connect to a high caliber sales mentor connect with her!"

Betsy Gottsacker, Optum360

"I have been working with Rebecca for over the course of 2 years.  In those 2 years she has been an extremely integral part of the success of my business.  She is not only knowledgeable on the important factors to help your business/career succeed but guides you on the "what not to do's" that cripple or paralyze your hard work.  Rebecca is not afraid to get you to step out of your comfort zone and push you to dig deeper and achieve them." Andrea Coppin

“This class was worth the time and money I invested.  This gave me a unique opportunity to think about what I’m doing which will translate to better results personally and professionally.”

Previous group coaching attendee

Why You Need This Group And Why Now is the Best Time to Apply


✔ Customized course for you.  Success isn’t about amassing a bunch of random skills.  This course is specifically for top sales leaders who want to be top team leaders.

✔ No one talks about how it feels.  The leaderboard to leadership transition is more-or-less assumed to be a learn-as-you-go topic.  The Harvard Business Review says that the average age someone gets their first leadership position is age 30.  Their first leadership training?  Age 42.  A whole decade of trial and error, which are outdated. 

✔ Get a leg up on the competition. While your fellow top performers assume top sales results means good leadership, you’re actually taking charge of your future. You know confidence doesn’t equal competence.

✔ Level up or get left behind.  Being good at sales isn’t a reason for leadership promotion, it’s the minimum requirement.  Get skilled up on the things that really matter in the long run.

✔ Experts.  Get around other top performers and team leaders.  Learn from each other.

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