Leaderboard to Leadership™ Group Coaching – Exclusively for Leaders in Sales!

Client Testimonial
Next Cohort Starts September 2021!
Limited to 20 Aspiring, Emerging, and Experienced Sales Leaders!

This Might Be For You If...

​- You are a top sales professional ready to make the leap into sales leadership​.  You're used to getting results and want to keep that track record when leading a sales team

- You are a new leader frustrated by the lack of progress and overwhelmed with the amount of work on your plate

- You want to improve, but don't want to waste time.  This coaching is specifically streamlined and customized for busy sales leaders. 

- You are an experienced leader dealing with a plateau. As Brendon Burchard says, "The fail point in leadership is when things are going well."

- You are exhausted by the constant need to keep tabs on EVERYTHING

- You understand the gap in skills necessary when going from the Leaderboard to Leadership: Franklin Covey Institute says that 80% of your success as an individual contributor are technical skills, and 80% of your success as a leader are people skills (what gets you the promotion isn't the same thing that makes you successful once you're there)

- You want to take personal responsibility in your professional development and level-up in your mindset and skillset so that you GET that next promotion

- You want to go from ADDING value to MULTIPLYING value

- You want to stop relying on TALENT and create consistency, systems, and trust

Participants not only see immediate results, but create the proper foundation and infrastructure for exponential team sales growth.

Join our online group coaching that begins April 5th!

Here is what people have to say about working with Rebecca:

"Rebecca has helped me take a helicopter view of my business.  She's helped me dial in on my and my team's numbers.  I'm not intimidated by them anymore.  On the emotional and rational side of things, I feel like I've gone from a 2 to a 10.  This program has also helped me put policies and procedures together.  I'm more consistent with our training, and am confident to speak and train in front of any group." Nichole Rieck. (Up 75% in personal sales and up 84% in team sales.)

"Rebecca give solid solutions from her own success in sales leadership.  She brings another set of eyes to the table.  As a leader, I want more of what I can do better.  It's also helpful to have an unbiased third party to talk things through with." Amanda Arndt (Up 700% in team sales.)

"This course pertains to becoming a better leader.  It's brought me to be a better coach and understand my team members better.  Doing this course with my sales manager helps him coach me better and I'm able to communicate what I need from him.  It's hard to evaluate by yourself when you're so busy building a team.  I learn as I talk to Rebecca and it helps me process things better." Jake Wunder (Up 75% in personal sales and up 121% in team sales)

Why You Need This Group And Why Now is the Best Time to Apply


✔ Participants feel empowered, confident, skilled up, abundant, and more self-aware.  You will become a better manager, recruiter, trainer, and a multiplier of other top talent. 


✔ Customized course for YOU.  This leadership training is for people in SALES leadership. 

✔ No one talks about how it feels.  The leaderboard to leadership transition is more-or-less assumed to be a learn-as-you-go topic.  It can feel frustrating not seeing the same results you were used to as a top sales professional, and working your way up the success ladder shouldn't feel bad.

✔ Get a leg up on the competition. While your fellow top performers assume top sales results means good leadership, you’re actually taking charge of your future. You know confidence doesn’t equal competence.

✔ Level up or get left behind.  Being good at sales isn’t a reason for leadership promotion, it’s the minimum requirement.  Get skilled up on the things that really matter in the long run.

✔ This is for like-minded successful people in sales who want to take the time to slow down, level up, and create positive business relationships

✔ We will dive into what it takes to pivot from the leaderboard in sales to successful sales leadership, providing guidance, conversation, and connections 

Learn more about Rebecca here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have enough sales experience to sign up for your coaching?

  • If you have sales experience and want to get into sales leadership at some point, you have enough experience.  We do not focus on sales skills particularly in Leaderboard to Leadership™, but my clients often end up selling more in less time due to our focused work. This course is for current, aspiring, and experienced sales leaders.

Do I have too much experience to sign up for your coaching?

  • The interesting thing about sales leadership is that there is never a point where someone has mastered every area.  The reason for this is that leadership is a lot about your own personal development and maturity, and people are never done growing.  We have people at all different levels of sales leadership in the group coaching.  It’s incredibly valuable to listen to newer sales leaders and remember what you used to do.  Learn new things from the way they see it.  Remember what you used to do and forgot to keep doing.  The goal is to take 1-3 big lessons and apply them to your business.

What types of other people will be in the group coaching?

  • People like you!  High performers who know that if they want to DO better, they have to BE better.  And that requires constant personal and professional development.  People who take these courses are self-motivators and self-starters who are taking their future career into their own hands. They want to bypass some of the frustration of growth, and move the needle faster than they would all on their own.

What’s the big difference between selling and managing?  I’m really good at selling – why would I need this coaching?

  • Short answer: What got you here won’t get you there.  Brendon Burchard says the fail point in leadership is when things are going well.  Confidence is a wonderful gift in sales, but it doesn’t mean you’ll be competent in leadership.  80% of your success in sales is about your technical skills and 80% of your success in leadership are your people skills. Yes, sales people are known for their people skills.  However, it’s not about what YOU do, it’s how you work through others.  Duplicity isn’t easy when a talented sales person is trying to train someone else.  Selling is different than training, recruiting, and helping others achieve.  The mindset between producer and manager is extreme, and so are the systems and emotional maturity you’ll need as a leader.  The personal and professional growth is never done if you’re a leader.  The ones who know this and invest in the process retain their sales teams better, get more production, and have reputations built on trust.  And through this course, are able to 2-3 times their production.

What is your coaching style?

  • I believe we are all our worst critics and give ourselves enough grief so I’m a coach that catches you doing things right and acknowledges your growth.  Success is hard because it requires growth.  It requires us looking at our strengths and weaknesses and blind spots, and doing something about them.  (And we can’t see our own blind spots – that’s why they are called blind spots.)  I WILL hold you accountable to what you decide needs to be done to achieve your definition of success though. 

What is your professional history?  Why are you qualified to coach on this topic?

  • This is such a great question, and an important one.  The coaching industry is not regulated, and 80% of coaches have NOT had their own success before they start coaching.  I have a Human Resource degree (training and development) from Marquette University, and I have built my own sales teams that have brought in over $50 million of business over the course of 20 years. I found success in sales not because I was a talented sales person (I closed at about 30%) but because I knew the system and metrics to work. Because I understand what it’s like for sales to NOT be easy, I help sales leaders who may not think about that when they lead.  I was promoted 7 different times to leadership positions and had to level-up at each stage. You can find my “resume” on my LinkedIn profile here:  LinkedIn Profile.

What if I can’t make a session?

  • All the group coaching sessions are recorded in case you can’t make it.  The office hours will also be recorded.  You’ll get more out of attending all live virtual events, but can make them up.  

How do we pay for this?

  • You will have an option for how to pay for group coaching, either 3 monthly payments, or a one-time payment (that is less than the 3).  When sales leaders invest in their own development, they show up in a new way.  This then leads to more success.  Professional development is a tax deduction, and I will provide you with receipts.