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Sometimes we all need an extra set of eyes and ears on our sales business.


This coaching is limited to 10 people at a time, so we often have a waitlist. Our clients have seen 2 – 3X sales production increases with this coaching within 6 months of working with them.

1.  If you want to learn more about our 1-on-1 coaching, schedule a discovery call today.  We will discuss your sales leadership goals and what you want to achieve through coaching.  This will ensure we have the full picture of your current business so we can execute on a comprehensive plan that will address your specific needs.

2.  Next, we’ll create a strategic plan of action for running your business effectively and efficiently. This plan is tailored to your needs and rooted in best practices for earning wins early and often in your sales leadership career. 

3.  Once the plan is created, we will work with you bi-weekly to ensure the plan is being implemented and we quickly address any roadblocks or challenges that arise. 

"Before coaching with Rebecca, I was pretty much on auto-pilot.  We were coasting downhill.  Throughout coaching, I've decided to change things.  I like that I can talk things through with Rebecca and she offers a different perspective.  The feedback of coaching is huge - we don't always see our blind spots.  Rebecca has been a great guide to dive deep to places I wouldn't have gone alone." Aaron Stolp Team went from $293,000 in sales to $500,000 in one quarter.