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Go all-in without burning out.

This e-book is an excerpt from Beyond the Board: How to Achieve Your Vision Board Goals in a Fulfilling and Sustainable Way.  It shares stories, lessons, and tools to be able to win the long-game. 


There is no medal for grinding out work.  There is sustainable and fulfilling success when you work smart.

This In this e-book you will find: 

  • Stories of burnout and how they could have been avoided

  • Different types of energy

  • Importance of, and ways to rest

  • Burnout Formula

  • Sustainability Formula

  • How to schedule your day around your energy (hint: stop having afternoon meetings)

  • Talent Handcuffs and how to break free

  • What type of energy does your Connection Circle of Significance (from Chapter 4 in the book) affect your energy?

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- The mindset and importance of controlling the controllables to progress your pipeline

- The physiology of selling: how to be confident and authentic on video

- How to be confident with your words when you’re not face-to-face how to be confident with your words - selling is a transference of feelings

- How to set up the basics of video selling: our insider recommendations on technology, lighting, presentation, etc

- How to move in-person sales to video

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