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Throughout my 20-year career in sales, management, recruiting, and training, I've learned the fundamental principles that work to build long-term success.  Doing the small things right consistently over a period of time yields powerful results. 


And being at your best in the process.  How present you are and how you feel in the process is how you feel about the achievement. 


But oftentimes, we need someone to help us see around the corners to what those activities, habits, and mentality should be.  

That's where I come in.  I retired at age 33 from the insurance business when my future renewal income reached over $1 million.  The businesses I built have brought in millions of dollars of revenue. I have a unique perspective as a woman who has been a top 5 team leader in a billion dollar company, to leaving the work force, to working part-time, and relaunching.  I have built businesses cold-calling and utilizing warm markets and social media.  I can help you connect the dots between your vision and daily activities.   

I was blessed to have mentors and coaches bring out the best in me.  I know how isolating business can feel and believe in helping people reach their desired level of success in the fastest, most fulfilling way.  

Want your team to learn how to have fulfilling and sustainable success?  I do group coaching and online courses too.