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#1 New Release in Leadership Development! 

Go all-in. Don't burn out.

The problem that keeps sales teams from achieving their goals isn't a lack of information or work ethic.  The issue is that we have too much information and try to do too much in an effective way.

Sales teams try to do it all and come up short. 

We don't do the things that matter for the reasons that matter with the people that matter in a way that matters.

This book simplifies the process of achieving your goals in a fulfilling and sustainable way. 

Rebecca is the best-selling author of Beyond the Board: How to Achieve Your Vision Board Goals in a Fulfilling and Sustainable Way. 


Throughout her 20-year career in sales, management, recruiting, and training, she learned the fundamental principles that work to build long-term success. 


It's the small things you do consistently while you think big that yield powerful results. 

To do our best, we have to be our best.  


But oftentimes, we need someone to help us figure out what that means. 

That's where Rebecca comes in.  She retired at age 33 from the insurance business when her future renewal income reached over $1 million.  (And generated $50 million of life-time premiums paid.)


She has a unique perspective as someone who has been a top 1% team leader and understands how important it is to not only know what you have to DO, but what you have to KNOW as you do it.   

Rebecca was blessed to have mentors and coaches bring out the best in her.  She believes in helping people reach their desired level of success in the fastest, most fulfilling way.  

Rebecca loves guiding her sales leadership clients, and they get results. 

Rebecca offers on-demand and customized corporate programs, Kolbe® assessments for executive leadership teams, and is available for speaking engagements.

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