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 Hi, I’m Rebecca, and I’m a former top 1% sales leader who helps aspiring and emerging leaders bridge the gap between what makes them successful as sales people to what will make them unstoppable as sales leaders. 

I also assist corporate leaders in developing their sales leadership pipeline so that leaders are ready when they are called up. 

What gets you promoted in sales isn't always the same thing that makes you successful at each new sales leadership position. 

Harvard Business Review says that average age someone gets their first leadership promotion is age 30.  Their first leadership training? Age 42. (A decade of frustration, mistakes, and trial and error.)

According to a recent survey I conducted with over 150 respondents, 80% of sales leaders said they got no training once they got into sales leadership.

We set successful sales people up to fail in leadership when they don't get the specific sales leadership training they need.  

If leaders don't see wins during the sales to leadership transition, it affects confidence, results, turnover, and the trajectory of the team.

That's why I created my results-oriented Leaderboard to Leadership™ coaching and courses. 

I use data and research, combined with 20 years of building sales teams that have brought in over $50 million in revenue, to empower new sales leaders with the skills needed to increase revenue, lower turnover, and be the leader that their team deserves.  


Participants have seen team sales increase from 50%, 75%, 120% and even 700%.

I can help you rise to the next level.  


Contact me today for corporate programs, speaking engagements, or group coaching. 


Contact me today to inquire how you can become the sales manager your team deserves.   


Maple Grove, MN


Tel: 612-401-3190

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