Accelerating Sales Leadership Development to Impact Recruiting, Retention, and Revenue
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Reasons To Work With Rise Up Consulting:

Looking for a Corporate Competitive Advantage

People don't leave companies, they leave leaders.  A bad boss can cost your organization more than all other benefits combined.  Great leadership is a competitive advantage to attracting great talent and retaining them. 

Get Right People In the Right Role

No executive fails like the VP of Sales, with an average tenure of 19 months.  Part of the problem is leadership development - 80% get no training after becoming a leader.  The other issue is that we promote the wrong people.  Not all great salespeople will be great leaders.  We use Kolbe assessments to assess who your organization needs in the role to attain your goals. 

Bottleneck in Business Caused by Bandwidth of Leadership

Our research indicated that the #1 struggle for sales leaders is time management.  Even great leaders don't have the time to devote to developing themselves and their teams and it ends up creating a bottleneck in the sales team.  Intentional sales leadership development addresses this. 

Start-up Business Expanding Sales Department

The proper foundation impacts the ability to scale.  Prioritizing sales leadership development has an immediate impact on growth, turnover, culture, and attracting top performers. 


We Specialize in Easing the Transitions At Each Level Of Sales Leadership


 Do you ever wonder why there is a plethora of sales training, but virtually nothing for sales leaders transitioning into new roles?

According to a recent survey we conducted with over 150 respondents, 80% of sales leaders said they received no training once they got into sales leadership.

The Harvard Business Review says that average age someone gets their first leadership promotion is age 30.  Their first leadership training? Age 42. (A decade of frustration, mistakes, and trial and error.)

The end of the status quo in sales leadership development is our passion.

It's our mission to guide sales leaders from behind the scenes to shorten the learning curve and find wins faster.


We bridge the gap between what makes people successful in sales to what will make them unstoppable as sales leaders. 

What gets you promoted in sales isn't always the same thing that makes you successful at each new sales leadership position. 

We assist corporate leaders in developing their sales leadership bench so that leaders are ready when they are called up to the plate. 

If leaders don't see wins during the Leaderboard to Leadership™ transition, it affects confidence, results, turnover, and the trajectory of the team.

That's why we created the results-oriented sales leadership programs for emerging and experienced sales leaders. 

We use data and research, combined with Rebecca's 20 years of building top 1% sales teams that have brought in over $50 million in revenue to empower new sales leaders.


We equip them with the skills needed to increase revenue, lower turnover, and be the leader that their team deserves.  


Participants have seen team sales increase from 50%, 75%, 120% and even 700%.

We can help you rise to the next level.  


Contact us today for corporate programs, speaking engagements, or group coaching. 


Contact me today to inquire how you can become the sales manager your team deserves.

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