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 Hi, I’m Rebecca, and I’m a former top 1% sales leader who helps aspiring and emerging leaders bridge the gap between what makes them successful as sales people to what will make them unstoppable as sales leaders. 

What gets you promoted in sales isn't always the same thing that makes you successful at each new sales leadership position. 

The higher you go in sales leadership, the less it’s about what you know about sales.  Your success as a leader is more dependent on your emotional maturity, recruiting and training expertise, and your growth mindset. 


It's less about carrots, quotas, and quarters, and more about empowering, listening, and seeing the big picture

It's less about what you know, and more about what you and your sales team do. 

It’s less about what you can do, and more about what you can do through others. 


Selling is the minimum requirement for a sales leadership position. 


To be successful at the next level, it takes next-level skills, mindsets, and systems.


Do the right things at the right time with the right people who have the right skill set. 

Harvard Business Review says that average age someone gets their first leadership promotion is age 30.  Their first leadership training? Age 42. (A decade of frustration, mistakes, and trial and error.)

According to a recent survey I conducted with over 150 respondents, 80% of sales leaders said they got no training once they got into sales leadership.

That's why I created my results-oriented Leaderboard to Leadership™ coaching and courses. 

This course is a sales leader's secret weapon to make them more competent, confident, and be the type of leader their team deserves. 


Participants have seen team sales increase from 50%, 75%, 120% and even 700%.

I can help you rise to the next level.  


Contact me today for corporate programs, speaking engagements, or group coaching. 

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Contact me today to inquire how you can become the sales manager your team deserves.

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